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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Swap your Strappy Heels for Sneakers

First the men, now the women. Karl Lagerfeld, in his Spring 2014 Couture collection, presented the season's high end line with, not pumps or strappy heels, but with trainers! Or, you know, sneakers as we say here in America (I've been watching a lot of British TV lately, please excuse me). Just like I wrote last week about Marc Jacobs pairing sneakers with tuxedos, we saw classic Chanel tweed and classic Chanel silhouettes dressed down with casual tennis shoes.

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Or, is this in fact dressing up? Is this the new wave of formal wear? Pairing a-line skirts and georgette dresses with sneakers? It used to be that when you saw a woman walking down the street wearing a suit with sneakers, it was because her preferred mode of transportation was public and she was on her way to work, where, upon reaching her destination, she would promptly put on her pair of pumps. In 2014, however, I think this concept regarding sneakers is about to change. The fashion gods have heard our dogs barking, seen our growing corns, and have felt our throbbing feet, and has made it globally acceptable to wear casual shoes with not-so-casual outfits. 

This new "trend" is something that is very symbolic of the time we live in. People everywhere, especially in a city, are constantly on the move. Within a day, women go from their homes, to the metro, to work, back on the metro, to cocktails, to dinner, and back home again. This leaves very little time for a wardrobe change and our handbags don't leave much room for extra apparel. The goal when we get up in the morning is to dress with the idea that you may be going from casual to formal within 12 hours. Flats, are an obvious choice but unfortunately don't have much arch support. Sneakers, however, do and we no longer have to sacrifice bad backs and sore feet in order to go from venue to venue. 

For instance, since I've been blogging I've found myself going from work (in National Harbor, MD) to DC for events. While choosing my outfit one morning, keeping in mind that I would be going straight form work to a party, I decided to go with my Jimmy Choo strappy heels rather than my comfy black loafers, which would have looked nice, too. They are absolutely gorgeous: blue multi colored snake skin, strappy, and oh-so-sexy. Compliments never cease when I wear them, and they were the shoes I most definitely wanted to wear that evening, despite the fact that when worn too long my feet start to scream bloody murder. So, I wore them to work, no biggie. I sit down all day and only get up when I have to go to the bathroom, lunch, or when I want to waste time and bother my friends, so I knew that Jimmy wouldn't bother me much at the office.

In a desperate attempt to not pay for parking, I ended up with a nice little walk all the way to Mate. Never mind that my poor feet were already looking at me with puppy dog eyes when I finally got there, but I was forced to stand during my stay. With a brave face I pretended that I was ok, that I wouldn't have given someone my kidney for a seat, but in reality I wish that I could've gone back in time and picked a shoe that provided some cushion for my souls (both my feet, and my aching heart for my feet). If only I had the good sense to wear sneakers, or have not cared what others may have thought if I did wear sneakers.

My Jimmy Choos, so lovely but deadly at the same time
In 10 years when we look back at the fashion of 2014, we're going to remember how hectic our lives were trying to balance work, social, and family life, and how easier it was made that we didn't have to forgo fashion in order to have it all. 

Having a serious case of sneaker fever? Get a sneak peek of Ricardo Tisci's collaboration with Nike, further confirming my theory that tennis shoes are the new high heel.

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  1. Really a good fashion idea! and sneakers are cool, boots can be too. :)