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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Office Crop

A trend that I used to approach with averseness, the crop top, I now welcome with open midriff. In my free time I've been coming up with different outfits in which to wear them, but have thus far only been able to wear them on the weekends. You know, because of work and all that.

I, personally, hate limits and decided to try a crop top outfit suitable for work. Unless you work in a creative industry you are given artistic freedom with what you wear. I don't have that kind of freedom at my job. Even though my office's dress code is pretty lax, that doesn't mean I can show up one morning sporting any old thing, no matter if it's in season or not. These days, however, crop tops are made boxier rather than tight-fitting so you can wear a high-waisted bottom and only show a sliver of skin. You could do the same with the slim fit ones, but then your boobs are not only constricted, but are also put on display along with your belly button. So, for office purposes, let's stick with a boxy cut.

For a conservative look, as I mentioned earlier, go with a high-waisted bottom (e.g. a skirt or trousers). A sliver of skin is all you need to make it office appropriate. The next item, wear a blazer. Or a sweater, whatever your preference. For the office, let's just keep the skin bearing to one side of your body versus all around, to continue with the conservative look. This way you can still rock the trend but still look office appropriate.

Top, Zara; Skirt and Blazer, EXPRESS; Shoes, ShoeDazzle


  1. Anonymous6/09/2014

    Unless you work in a strip club, I can't imagine a crop top is acceptable in any office setting.

  2. As the person who sits next to Sarita, she kept her skirt high-wasted for the day (super cute, I might add). I did not see any belly under her crop top :) Love you Sarita!!!